Join the Texas Bamboo Society

Membership in the American Bamboo Society and one ABS Chapter is for 12 months from when you join and includes a subscription to the Bamboo Magazine. Starting in 2017, the Bamboo Magazine will be published quarterly (4 times per year). You can choose to have a digital membership or a print membership. With a print membership the Bamboo Magazine will be mailed to you. The Digital Membership lets you conserve resources by downloading the publications from the internet. The digital publications are full color and are available about two weeks before the printed versions. Print memberships also get the digital color version for free. The print version is not in full color. You can download a sample issue for free. If you have specific questions about membership or renewal that are not answered here, please e-mail us, or contact your local chapter.

Join the American Bamboo Society and the Texas Bamboo Society Chapter