Bamboo Species Introduction

Since 1981 the American Bamboo Society (ABS) has compiled an annual Source List of bamboo plants and products. The List includes more than 490 kinds (species, subspecies, varieties, and cultivars) of bamboo available in the US and Canada, and many bamboo-related products.

The ABS produces the Source List as a public service. It is published on the ABS Web site. Paper copies are sent to all ABS members and can also be ordered from ABS for $5.00 postpaid. Some ABS chapters and listed vendors also sell the Source List. Please refer to the ordering information.

The vendor sources for plants, products, and services are complied annually from information supplied by the vendors. We have tried to record all information accurately, but some error is inevitable and information may change during the life of the Source List. If you find errors, please report them to the Source List editors ( No guarantee is offered for the reliability of individual vendors, but if you feel that a listed vendor has not provided good service, you may report your concerns to the editors.

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